BON-NARE’S light lotion composition allows genuine, rapid, safe moisturization of the nose. It is unscented and is formulated to match the special characteristics of the nasal mucosa, (lining tissue of the nose).

Who Will Benefit

Anyone experiencing nasal dryness or crusting from dry air or oxygen delivered by nasal cannula could find surprising relief with BON-NARE. Safe for children age 12 and above, as well as adults and seniors. For children under age 12, consult your doctor.

How to Apply

The BON-NARE tube has a tapered tip of the appropriate length for you to put a small amount onto the side wall of each nostril. Then pinch and massage your nostrils together. This technique is the best way to moisturize the nose.

Our Ingredients

BON-NARE is made from all-natural ingredients. It is non-greasy and unscented. BON-NARE is produced to the highest quality Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and our ingredients are tracked from quality-verified sources to the final product. BON-NARE is a petroleum-free product.