FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use BON-NARE?

BON-NARE is recommended for persons age 12 and up who experience dryness, irritation, or crusting in their noses. For children under the age of 12, please contact their pediatrician.

What does BON-NARE lotion look like?

BON-NARE is white, non-greasy and unscented.

What does BON-NARE smell like?

BON-NARE is scent-free.

How do I put BON-NARE into my nose?

The BON-NARE tube has a tapered tip of the appropriate length for you to put a small amount inside of each nostril. Then simply pinch and massage your nostrils together. This technique will provide moisturization to the septum (middle divider of the nose) – where it’s most needed.

What will BON-NARE feel like?

BON-NARE should give a gentle, soothing, refreshing sensation to your nose.

Can BON-NARE hurt my nose?

BON-NARE contains no toxic or irritating components, such as Propylene and Glycol. You should be aware, however, that BON-NARE does contain Aloe. Although Aloe sensitivity is rare, please do not use if you are sensitive to Aloe. Should you experience any redness or irritation with this product, simply stop using it.

Will I be able to see the lotion only outside of my nose?

If there is any excess lotion visible on the outside of your nose, simply remove it with facial tissue.